Burcu Taşlı Architects was established in 2017 to serve in the fields of architectural design and application project, interior design and exterior / interior 3D visualization. It mainly provides architectural and interior architectural 3D design, modeling and rendering services. It focuses on original, sustainable, minimalist, innovative and functional ideas in a modern line in its architectural approach and designs. It also serves in many projects within the field of graphic design. Burcu Taşlı Architects develops its projects in various categories by researching with new ideas, materials and approaches that will expand the boundaries of architecture and design. Still adds new projects to its design portfolio every day.



Burcu Taşlı was born in Izmir, and graduated from the Yasar University Faculty of Architecture in 2016 .

During her education, she was included in the Erasmus program and studied architecture at Università degli Studi di Sassari in Italy between 2014-2015.

After gaining professional experience, she decided to collect architectural and interior design works in a brand and she established Burcu Taşlı Architects in 2017.

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